Winkel 3/10U Rack Flight Case Rack Mixer DJ CD Player

Winkel 3/10U Rack Flight Case Rack Mixer DJ CD Player price is about £119.62 £ . This product can be found in MF-Cases
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Price 119.62 £

Angled rack 3HE MC3 +
'This special is used for the safe transportation of 19 devices, the front and at the top can be secured.
For the installation on the front are, e.g. CD players, power amplifiers or wireless mics.
Thanks to the adjustable rack rails around the top is the use of mixing consoles.
The installation height is 5HE (1HE = 22,25 cm) to the top rack. There are Rackbl chain end 1HE are included in the delivery.
The top rack rail has a depth of 10U.
The Flight Case is equipped with 5 Butterfly Fasteners,, 4 rubber feet and two removable lids.
A service flap on the back helps to wiring.
Included in the box contents is enough screws, nuts and washers.
Technical details
Wall Thickness: 9 mm
Installation height: 22,25 cm (5HE)
Mounting depth: 44.5 cm (10U)
'Rack rails for the installation of 19 devices
5 x Pin and butterfly clip.
4 x Rubber Feet
Two removable lids
2 x Folding handle
Plenty of screws, nuts and washers included
; Weight: 15.5 kg
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